Dave the Devourer is out now for Windows PC! Every copy also comes with a key to activate the game on Desura, plus a free download of the game's soundtrack!

Dave, one of the inhabitants of the idyllic spirit realm of Paradise, likes to keep to himself. One day, Dave is forced very far out of his comfort zone when the ruler of the prison realm of Inferno calls on him to help deal with a violent uprising by its prisoners. Dave is tasked with capturing these evil souls…by eating them. In this 3D action-adventure game, help Dave keep the local guards from being overrun and find out the reason behind the outbreak of aggression. The game includes a mix of exploration, dialogue, and combat, and includes light platforming and puzzle elements. 


  • Strong focus on story and characterization 
  • Voice-acting for introductory lines and important moments 
  • Special elemental abilities with uses in and out of combat 
  • Optional objectives which not only provide gameplay bonuses, but alter the fates of certain characters 
  • Colorful, cartoon-inspired visuals contrasted with a serious and thoughtful narrative

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP SP2 or later

CPU: Dual Core CPU @2GHz or better

Memory: 1 GB RAM

DirectX®: 9.0 or above compatible graphics card w/ 256 MB RAM

Free Disk Space: 500 MB

Sound Card: DirectX® 9.0c compatible


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Dave the Devourer Installer (128033065)
Soundtrack.zip (38423042)

Download demo

DownloadDave the Devourer Demo Installer (76021734)